14 April 2020

The endless possibilities of Senzafine

The endless possibilities of Senzafine

Senzafine is a system that creates a wardrobe space in a light and elegant way. Chests of drawers, their equipment and accessories complete a comprehensive range that can adapt to each layout. The modular structure offers maximum dimensional and compositional versatility. Finishes play a dominant role, as do the interior fittings that you choose as required by the combination of cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves and pull-out containers.

The Senzafine clothing program is characterized by vertical panels that underline the formal accuracy and geometric rigor. From simpler and minimalist doors to those with more specific aesthetics. The complete interior furnishings have been designed to allow more individual organization of clothing storage.

Senzafine from Poliform is a new way to discover an exceptional range of looks and features that we will be happy to introduce to you as the ideal storage system for your home.