17 February 2020

Follow the news from Rolf Benz

Follow the news from Rolf Benz

The original CARA was introduced exactly five years ago and was successful with clients from all over the world. Ideal for rooms of various sizes, it is one of Black Forest’s most popular sofas. At IMM Cologne 2020, Rolf Benz introduced the “CARA CTER” model with brand new features, new look, layout and ergonomics.

“Liv”, the name of the new Living concept, means life itself. In the modern living rooms, the sofa is the focal point and mirror of our lives. Here your ideas are born, here you relax, and also here you celebrate life events. Together with the Nichettostudio design studio, ROLF BENZ has developed a modular concept for flexible living on the sofa. In addition to a variety of cover fabrics, ROLF BENZ has added a new woolen fabric to the LIV line, a fine-pixel multi-colored fabric combined with a new marrone metal surface that boasts its elegance!

What else interested us in Cologne? For example, the new Freistil 137. Here the form does not only follow one function, but a whole series. The Freistil 137 sofa meets all your wishes in a wide range of functions and forms without taking up much space. It’s a space-saving miracle. If you want to relax, use it as a day bed with plenty of space. Tilt your back to watch TV or a movie. When you want to sleep, you have a wonderfully comfortable bed. Last but not least, Freistil 137 becomes a sofa when you want to sit upright. Convenient magnet connectors ensure that the exchange of functions is very easy. What you experience with Freistil depends on how your day or evening finishes.