Great service starts with the first appointment.

Over a cup of coffee or a glass of bubbly, we will discuss your taste, life style and requirements for interior design. We will carefully analyse your expectations when it comes to your apartment or house. We will combine our architect’s extensive experience and know-how with your ideas to build a specific image and time schedule. The initial analysis is the first step to the successful implementation of the interior.
Your wishes, dreams and requirements will be transformed to the layout and colour theme of your new interior. Your designer will prepare several options and take you through your future home space. Your designer will suggest various combinations of colours and materials and the overall concept of the interior and its details. The draft will help you get the idea of what your future interior will look like.
Working together, we then come up with a comprehensive design of your home space. Our specialists will provide you with a detailed technical description of all jobs involved, detailed calculations and realistic visualizations. You will be able to picture your new home before any work starts. We know that the whole is more than just the sum of its parts, so we will pay attention to even the slightest detail.
During our fourth appointment, you will decide on the best possible option. The visualizations will be forwarded for manufacturing. We will make a contract and go through a detailed calculation. The visualization and calculation made by our designers are already included in the total price.
Precision, sticking to deadlines, technical professionalism and attention to detail are what makes our team a leader when making even the most demanding interior concepts. Add our many years of experience and hundreds of implemented projects and you come up with a credible and responsible partner for your interior. Our own transport, assembly teams, and experience in communication with building contractors help us to always achieve a perfect result.
Our responsibilities do not end with showing and giving you the perfect home. Stopka is here for you if you need to solve an unexpected problem. We are prepared to give you a hand whether with the operation of a machine or maintenance of furniture. Your satisfaction comes first.