12 September 2020

New Jola sofa from the Rolf Benz

New Jola sofa from the Rolf Benz

Versatility and encounters, these two words are the inspiration for the design of the new range of the Rolf Benz JOLA sofas.

Elegant, individual and modular sofa with a subtle construction of armrests and back, with a deep seat. Jola is spacious and despite its smaller dimensions has a really generous depth of seat. There are really no limits to the possibilities of rest, the layout variants provide maximum space and imagination for your relaxation with a minimum of floor space. Loose pillows can be placed anywhere you want, on the back and on the side. Various extra pillows allow you to create your own favorite positions on the sofa.

For extra comfort and support for your cervical spine, pillows and backrests are available with a hidden sewn-on neck cushion. The Jola sofa is of course made in many upholstery options.

Rolf Benz thus received the real "Made in Germany" designation again.