What does the home office of interior designers and architects look like?
Tuesday, 7. April 2020

What does the home office of interior designers and architects look like?

The coronavirus pandemic and the associated domestic quarantine of society as a whole already has a major impact on every area of ​​our lives - not to mention its impact on various businesses and societies. In recent weeks, as a result, the world has been forced to get used to a new form of performing its work - the so-called "Homeoffice" or "work from home". Of course, not every profession can be done from home, and you might say that if there is a profession that cannot be realized in this way, it is the work of an interior designer. However, this is not true.

According to Dan Austin, an interior designer based in Boston, his work has not changed much since the introduction of domestic quarantine. As he said: "Most of the work I do as a designer is online and therefore I can continue to work comfortably using my computer when I close my office." He also stated that for many years presentations of his designs have been sent to clients in PDF. format instead of drawing cartoon or painted art designs with attached swatches of materials and colors. As for the measurement and evaluation of the interior - in his words, even this does not require the physical presence of the designer in the space. This is because a lot of the necessary data can be obtained from floor plans and photographs.


A similar procedure is used by Jill Litner Kaplanová, who has already mastered distance cooperation through cooperation with foreign clients, to whose premises she did not have access due to the huge distance. In the absence of personal contact with the customer and also the absence of an inspection of the interior, the cooperation is simple. The client is asked for proper documentation of the space and if he does not know how to measure the space correctly, Kaplanová and her team will describe this information in detail and precisely step by step. At the same time, they will provide him with instructions on how to properly photograph the space so that he provides the designers with enough necessary information.

However, since the designer does not have the opportunity to meet the customer in person and it is not possible to get to know each other, Kaplanová draws attention to several basic questions that are important to ask the client before starting any renovation or equipment. They are asked questions such as: “Will pets also move in the area? Are there adults with disabilities, babies, or teenagers in the household who need enough personal space and privacy? ”

According to the designer, it is also extremely important to empathize with the whole household and realize the style and atmosphere in it. You definitely do not want to go through the apartment so that when you move from one room to another, you feel that you have come to a completely different home. Each project must be in proper harmony with the rest of the household.


Looking at the current situation, the designer Austin stated that "the new style of operation is essentially a necessary reset", which the design community has long needed. It is only at this time that everyone realizes how much we need our homes and how important it is that they not only evict us but also feel good about them.

On the other hand, the Italian designer takes the opposite view. Carlo Ratti of the design company Carlo Ratti Associati believes that working from home may not be as great and hassle-free as it may seem at first glance. As he stated in his statement: “For most designers, their work is mainly about social relations and communication. However, in the current situation, this is absent most of all. Therefore, working from the comfort of home will require much more effort than would normally be the case. "

However, Brazilian architect Arthur Casas sees more positives than negatives in the given situation. According to him, finally, “the great time has come to rethink the concept of working from home, which began to emerge and be practiced as early as the 1990s - but it has never been able to expand enough to take on a global dimension. Due to the current situation, we have the opportunity to think about whether it is really necessary to travel constantly during the performance of our profession. ”Therefore, according to Casas, it is clear that even though we have 21st-century technologies, from the last century.


This statement is largely confirmed by the statement of Colombian designer David Del Valle, who stated that “not a single design studio uses an online way of working in Colombia. On the other hand, he also said that due to mandatory domestic quarantine, his company had recently reoriented itself to a new way of working, which, however, proved to be surprisingly effective. According to him, “the whole team changed beyond recognition when it discovered its flexibility and even greater desire to work. Google Hangouts has improved both the creative and technical and administrative parts of our work, and the use of technology by our staff has expanded to a much greater extent. ”

Overall, it can be stated that the entire sector of designers and architects is holding more than well for the time being in the current pandemic. The situation was also assessed by the co-founder of the Norwegian company Snøhetta, Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, who said: “So far things are going smoothly and we were pleasantly surprised by how people were able to deal with the current situation. It's great that, despite many negatives, they can be optimistic about working from home. Within our company, we even have spontaneous online birthday parties. ”


Therefore, it can be stated that despite the cautious and not very enthusiastic approach of many design and architectural studios to work from home, many studios are extremely optimistic about it. Also, the American company Rapt Studio stated that employees who are currently trapped alone in their apartments (compared to the previous period) have a much greater desire to socialize with their co-workers, with whom they strengthen relationships and can communicate with each other in these difficult times. also effectively promote. Also, according to the words of the co-founder of the Canadian company ACDF Architecture - Maxim Frappier, today many workers in this field also understood how a home office can be an effective tool. As he said: "I recognize that in the case of those who have to take care of their children at home, the situation is a little different. However, the rest of the staff came to a surprising conclusion. This is the knowledge that the home office brings with it a higher dose of concentration, which is also associated with better performance. "

According to the editor of the American magazine Dezeen, Tom Ravenscroft, the coronavirus crisis can finally lead various companies, companies, and studios to start practicing and using remote work (with today's so indefinitely repeated name) "home office".


However, to achieve the maximum dose of efficiency and creativity, you need to provide a few basic things at once. First of all, it is necessary to set aside a special and so-called A "workspace" that will only be used to handle work matters.

This work area should have natural light, a pleasant atmosphere and the possibility of fresh air. It can accommodate a classic desk with an office chair, as well as an ordinary sofa with a coffee table. It is important that you feel comfortable and relaxed at work - so make your workspace equipment your preferences.

However, what is important and applies to any equipped workspace is cleanliness and order. This does not mean that a vase with freshly picked flowers, for example, cannot be placed on the table to create a pleasant atmosphere. On the contrary. At a time when we are closed in a building with an area of ​​several square meters, it is more than appropriate to bring a little greenery and nature from the outside to the inside. However, you should avoid stacks of paper, dirty cups and scattered documents.

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